African Princess

Ethiopian heiress SaRita Appiah hides within the palace chambers while her parents await their dear friends, the Pittway family, who have arrived in Africa on one of the first steamships to sail in 1852. While five-year-old SaRita hopes her dear friend, Nala, will visit the next day for a secret tea party, she becomes fascinated with all of the fabulous places she can become invisible while her parents entertain their American guests.

Five years later, life suddenly takes an unexpected turn, leaving SaRita to rise to incredible challenges that take her from Ethiopia to Peru and eventually the tiny town of Gee’s Bend, Alabama. It seems like only yesterday that she was tasting mandazi donuts and roasted apricot honey ice crème, and planning tea parties. As the Emancipation Proclamation is enacted, the Civil War begins, and her diverse experiences teach her valuable lessons, SaRita learns about her African American heritage, the art of quilting, and what royalty truly means as a chain of events unfolds that lead her to love, marriage, and new beginnings.